Catch22 V2 Bolt Catch Extension for .22LR

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Catch22 V2 Bolt Catch Extension for .22LR (aka Catch23)

The Catch22 V2 slides over a stock AR-15 bolt catch to work with the .22lr bolt. This allows you to easily swap between calibers without the need for any tools.

When the upper receiver is raised from swapping over to your .22lr bolt, just slide the Catch22 over the stock bolt catch and you're ready to go.

AR rifles that have been converted to shoot .22lr are a great and inexpensive way to shoot. Unfortunately, when a standard AR-15 is converted to .22lr through a conversion bolt or replacement upper, the bolt catch stops working.

Magazines that hold the bolt open after the last round are a good stopgap but it doesn't offer the same functionality as a standard AR and most ranges won't let you leave an empty magazine in your rifle in order to keep the bolt open and show that it's clear.

PLEASE NOTE: The Catch22 is not backwards compatible with .223 bolts.

PLEASE NOTE: This bolt catch is NOT compatible with full auto setups


The bolt catch is compatible with RTB, Spike's Tactical, CMMG, and Tactical Solutions dedicated upper receivers and conversion bolts, as well as similar Ceiner kit conversion bolts.


Magazine compatibility:

For the bolt catch to provide true last-round-hold-open, the magazine that is used needs to have a follower that sticks out of the back and will engage the bolt catch after the last round. Because of this, different magazines will offer different last round functionality.


  • CMMG / Black Dog "Standard" (X-form, Sonic Weld, etc.): These magazines have a follower that sticks up after the last round is fired, but it doesn't reach out of the back which is required to hit the bolt catch. The bolt catch will need to be manually engaged to hold the bolt back after the magazine is removed.


  • S&W 15-22: These magazines have a follower that can hit the bolt catch consistently after the last round is fired and are the best way to get last-round-hold-open functionality. These magazines need to be shimmed using a Catch22 stick-on or clip-on adapter to take up the slack in the magwell as they are more slim than a standard AR magazine.