Build Your Own LPK - Custom Lower Parts Kit

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Build Your Own LPK - Custom AR15 Lower Parts Build Kit

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This Lower Parts Kit comes with only the upgraded parts that you want! You don't have to waste money on standard LPK components if you're just going to put them aside and replace them with upgraded lower parts. With our Custom LPK you can choose a Mil-Spec trigger or you can add a Geissele trigger or many other trigger upgrades. 

Instead of a standard trigger guard, you can buy your Lower Parts Kit with an upgraded Enhanced Magpul trigger guard. Want standard take down pins? That's fine! but if you want upgraded takedown pins at a discounted rate, then all you have to do is select them from the drop down menu. Same with grips; rather than a standard grip you can select a Magpul MOE grip and build a Magpul LPK

PLEASE NOTE: All of the items in the drop down menus come with their necessary smaller items, such as: Springs, roll pins and detents. As long as you select something from each of the drop down items before "Additional Options", then you will receive a complete LPK. If you select "NONE", then you will not receive the smaller components for that item. For example, if you do not select a Bolt Catch, then you will not receive the bolt catch, plunger, spring or roll pin for the bolt catch.

Magazine Button/Catch: As long as you select something from this section then you will receive all 3 components (mag catch, button & spring). For example, if you select a Seekins mag button, then we throw in a Mil-Spec mag catch and mag catch spring.

A lot of item selections have been abbreviated due to limited text space. If you have questions about an individual item then please use the search bar or categories to find the product pages and see descriptions.

The standard Mil-Spec parts in this kit are sourced from quality .mil contractors in the US.