BLEM - M16/AR15 Bolt - 9310 MPI (5.56) - Completion Kit

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BLEM - M16/AR15 Bolt - 9310 MPI (5.56) - Completion Kit 

These are being sold as is. Non-Refundable. May require light gun smithing.May Need Cleaning. NOT ASSEMBLED. CAM PIN MAY NEED SANDING.

This is a complete bolt completion kit. This Kit comes with everything you need to complete your Bolt Carrier Group other than the Carrier itself. These are perfect kits to keep as a spare or backup for your BCG.

Our M16 / AR bolt completion kit comes with everything you'll need to finish your rifle's AR15, M4 or M16 Carrier. This premium backup bolt is a 9310 MPI spare bolt that perfectly fits the M16 and AR15 carriers that provides increased corrosion resistance, natural lubrication and improved strength. When comparing 9310 vs 158 bolts, 9310 steel bolts provide a more reliable and durable base metal. 9310 steel is able to withstand more firings than the surface-hardened 158 steel bolts. 

It's important to always have back-up parts, especially a premium bak up bolt, in the event that you need a replacement or decide to upgrade your M16 or AR15 with a durable black nitride AR bolt. We offer competitive prices on our spare bolts and fast shipping on all orders. Order today while supplies last.

  • Bolt
    • Machined from 9310 tool steel
    • Heat treated to military specifications
    • Shot Peened
    • MPI
  • Extractor
    • Heat treated to military specifications
    • Shot peened
    • Mil-Spec Extractor Spring, black extractor insert, Viton O-Ring
  • Cam Pin
    • Machined to Mil Spec
    • Ground to meet military required tolerances
  • Firing Pin
    • Built to Mil Spec