BCM Gunfighter Compensator MOD 0 - 5.56

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BCM Gunfighter Compensator MOD 0 - 5.56

The Bravo Company Compensator Mod1 was not designed for the gamer, but for tactical applications requiring reduced muzzle rise, flash signature, noise, and lateral pressure. This compensator actively traps and redirects gasses to provide a unique and effective compensator.
  • Tuned slots and interior cone offer maximum in recoil mitigations, compensation of muzzle-rise, and flash reduction
  • Dual action brake minimizes side pressure and designed to have much less noise associated with typical compensators
  • Makes it perfect for working in teams for CQB
  • It is a compensator that is built for the 21st Century Gunfighter!
  • Stainless Steel construction for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Includes a Crush Washer
  • Should be installed by a qualified military armorer