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9mm AR Pistol & SBR Barrels

If you want a short-barreled rifle and the ability to shoot pistol ammo, shop our selection of 9mm AR pistol-length barrels. We have 9mm AR pistol barrels that are 4.5” to 5.5” in length if you prefer a short one, or longer barrels that are between 8.3” and 11” in length. Our 9mm AR pistol and SBR barrels are compatible with Colt and Glock AR-15 builds. Choose from reliable American brands such as CMMG, Ballistic Advantage and Faxon Firearms, with barrels made from durable stainless steel, some featuring a nitride or QPQ finish for added corrosion resistance.

A 9mm barrel is good for short-distance shooting or for a PDW. Choose a 1/2-28 TPI barrel if you want something that is compatible with most suppressors. With a 9mm barrel, you do not need a gas tube or a gas block since the rifle operates by blowback. Please familiarize yourself with federal and your state's laws about 9mm barrels for pistols and SBRs before you order one of these products. Shop and save with great discount pricing and free shipping applied to your entire order when you purchase select barrels!