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5.7 x 28mm AR15/AR57 Parts & Accessories

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CMMG has a deserved reputation as a premier gun parts manufacturer. These AR57 parts will let you start a 5.7 build, capitalizing on the AR platform while using the amazing 5.7 cartridge. These FN 5.7 x28 AR parts let you build a pistol, a carbine or an SBR with the appropriate tax stamp. All the FN Five Seven parts meet the exacting standards Right To Bear demands of all its suppliers.

Why 5.7? This is a hard-charging and super-accurate round that man handgunners prefer. The light recoil and ballistics ability are two reasons for this round's popularity. Right To Bear sells the CMMG 5.7x28 AR barrel and 5.7x28 bolt carrier group as a kit. These parts fit on standard AR uppers, so you can convert your existing AR or build a new one from the ground up — you choose. Be sure to order magazines to hold the ammo.