CLEARANCE - CMMG GUARD Radial Delayed Blowback 5.7 x 28mm BCG ONLY

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CLEARANCE - CMMG GUARD Radial Delayed Blowback 5.7 x 28mm BCG ONLY

This item is clearance because it came from a partial barrel kit. It's brand new and fully functional. 

CMMG's patented Delayed Blowback 5.7 x 28mm system substantially reduces recoil compared to standard blowback 5.7 or AR57 builds.

Our AR57 BCG allows you to build a Pistol Caliber Carbine using our Patent Pending Radial Delayed Blowback System. Unlike typical direct blowback systems, our RDB uses a bolt that is forced to rotate and unlock, slowing the BCG. This results in a lighter BCG for a lighter rifle, and less felt recoil than a straight blowback system.

Whether you're building a new Radial Delayed Blowback AR or you just like having spare BCGs on hand, the 5.7x28mm bolt carrier group is just the thing.

Compatibility: CMMG Radial Delayed Blowback BCGs are desgined exclusively to operate with CMMG Radial Delayed Blowback barrels and will not operate with traditional AR style barrel extensions.

All NFA/ATF Rules Apply
Depending on your state and local laws, you could use this barrel with a lower receiver that is a Registered SBR, or Pistol. Possession of this barrel along with a Non-NFA lower receiver may be Prohibited. We are not lawyers and the above information is not legal advise. Make sure you understand the most up to date federal, state and local laws before proceeding with this product.