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CMMG .22L5 4.5” Barrel & Stainless Steel Bolt Group Kit CMMG .22LR 4.5" Barrel and Stainless Bolt Group Kit
MSRP $299.95
Deal of the Day Price: $219.95
CMMG 9mm 9" Medium Contour Barrel CMMG 9” .22 AR Barrel - 22LR
MSRP $159.95
SALE PRICE: $125.00
CMMG 4.5” Barrel, M4 4140CM SBN - .22LR CMMG 4.5” Barrel, M4 4140CM SBN - .22LR
MSRP $159.95
SALE PRICE: $99.99

.22LR AR Pistol & SBR Barrels

Although a .22LR barrel may not make your AR-15 an ideal gun for home defense, it’s great for chasing predatory animals away from your property or for hunting small game. With its easy shooting ability and low recoil, this type of barrel is popular among survivalists and firearm hobbyists. We offer several .22LR barrels from CMMG, which is known for its high-quality AR-15s and customization parts. CMMG was established in 2002 with the purpose of making reliable AR-15s affordable for all budgets.

If you already have a bolt group, we offer .22LR AR pistol and SBR barrels that are either 4.5” or 9” in length. We also offer a kit that comes with a bolt group and a barrel that’s 4.5” long. It includes everything necessary to convert your AR-15 upper into a .22LR. Please check your federal and state's laws about SBRs before you make any modifications to your AR-15.