Ready Hour Emergency Water Pouch Pack (21.135 fl oz., 5 pouches)

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Ready Hour Emergency Water Pouch Pack (21.135 fl oz., 5 pouches)

2x the Shelf Life. 3x More Protection!

Plastic water bottles are a petri dish of mold, bacteria, and chemicals. Ready Hour Emergency Water Pouches keep your water clean with four puncture-resistant layers of protection.

It’s why they have a FIVE-YEAR SHELF LIFE.

Reverse-Osmosis Filtration

Water is filtered multiple times through reverse-osmosis purification. This process clears out bacteria, viruses, and chemicals down to the microscopic level.

Fit GALLONS of Water into Your Bug-Out Bag

Each pouch is nearly flat, six inches long, and easy to squeeze into tight spaces. Now you can fit GALLONS of water into your bug-out bag!

More Water, Less Leakage

We all know water bottles leak once they’re opened.

Ready Hour Emergency Drinking Water come in SINGLE-USE pouches that reduce spillage and conserve water in emergencies.


  • 4.227 fl oz Water Per Pouch
  • 6” x 4” x 1/2” Per Individual Pouch
  • 64 Pouches in a Case
  • Case Total Volume: 279 oz (2 gal)

Made with pride in the USA