Pioneer Arms Polish Hellpup AK-47 Pistol in 7.62X39 With Polymer Furniture (FFL REQ.)

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Pioneer Arms HELLPUP in 7.62X39 with Polymer Furniture (FFL REQUIRED)

Pioneer Arms has consistently aimed to introduce high-quality Eastern Bloc firearms to the U.S. market at affordable prices. Their latest offering, the Cast RPK in 7.62X39 with Polymer Furniture, is a testament to this commitment, providing a remarkable product to U.S. consumers.

Polish Hellpup AK-47 Pistol manufactured by Pioneer Arms in Radom Poland - These fine Polish AK-47 pistols are manufactured in the original Radom factory in Poland which is renowned for their AK platform rifle and pistol quality. Bolt's are smooth, rivet work is tremendous, and the overall appearance, fit and function represent what you would expect from a premium grade AK. This particular model features the original Polish laminated wood furniture on the forearm and handguard and we think they are simply a work of art. The pistol features a proprietary Krinkov style muzzle break and is fully warrantied by Pioneer Arms USA! One of the best built, highly reliable and affordable AK platform pistols on the market today.

Each rifle is designed to use Polish-styled 30 Round 7.62x39 magazines, and comes with two 30-round magazines. Unlike many U.S.-built counterparts, all primary riveting and head spacing of this rifle are meticulously executed at the Polish factory, ensuring exceptional fit and finish. The Pioneer RPK shares many components with the select-fire rifles produced for military contracts, including the front trunnion used in the full-auto AKs for military applications globally. All structural parts undergo rigorous testing for durability and longevity, while sights are precisely aligned to avoid canting. Gas port settings are expertly drilled for consistent cycling action without overblows or short cycles. The rifle's rivet work is thoroughly inspected, ensuring uniform quality across all units. Each rifle is finished with a sleek black melonite exterior, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

  • Style - Rifle Type: Semi-Auto Rifle
  • Barrel length - 11.7″
  • Cartridge - 7.62x39
  • Action - Semi-Auto
  • Finish - Black Melonite – Polymer Furniture

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