Pasta La Vista - Ready Hour Mac & Cheese / Chili Mac / Spaghetti / Creamy Alfredo Pasta / Creamy Stroganoff

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Pasta La Vista - Ready Hour Mac & Cheese /Chili Mac / Spaghetti / Creamy Alfredo Pasta / Creamy Stroganoff


Ready Hour Chili Mac Case pack is meant to feed a group of people immediately or for one person who enjoys having food left for the future. Ready Hour case packs allow you to have staples on hand and have the capacity to use what you need, without wasting what you don't use right away. Chili Mac is the choice of sports fans who enjoy throwing football parties. We made our products to be universal. They are not just for long term storage for emergency situations, we made them easy and delicious to enjoy as you like. They are highly cost-efficient for those on a budget.


Ready Hour Macaroni and Cheese fits that bill. Our Mac and Cheese comes in our Case Pack which has 24 servings in individual packs - 6 of them. Needed convenience when you are able eat what you need now, and save the rest for years to come as part of your food storage plan.


Ready Hour Creamy Stroganoff is a complete hearty dish. Tender egg noodles covered in a rich, creamy mushroom sauce. This is the dish they'll ask for again and again. Our Creamy Stroganoff has everything you need to refuel and keep going. It's perfect for camping and hiking, but also great after a long day or in an emergency.


All of our food requires no refrigeration as Creamy Alfredo Pasta normally would. Rich, creamy Alfredo with al dente noodles makes a great main dish or side dish in your next meal. Takes no time at all to prepare and tastes like homemade. You won't believe how great this tastes!

The great news is that our Creamy Alfredo Pasta lasts up to 25 years unopened, and one year once you open the can. Store it in a cool, dry location where temperatures stay between 55 and 75 degrees for optimal longevity.


Have the convenience of Ready Hour Spaghetti on hand when you need it with our case pack pouches. Delicious tomato sauce with al dente noodles makes this the perfect dinner in the event of an emergency, or any time you want a quick easy meal. Top with tasty parmesan and serve with garlic bread for a complete family meal.