Long Weekend Kit - Ready Hour 72-Hour Food Kit / 4 Glow Sticks / Emergency Sleeping Bag / Grub N Tool

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The Long Weekend Kit - All by Ready Hour!
72-Hour Food Kit, 4 Glow Sticks, Emergency Sleeping Bag, Grub N Tool

Ready Hour 72-Hour Kit Sample Pack (2,000+ calories/days)

The Ready Hour 72 Hour Food Kit is the perfect option for those who are just getting started with their food preparation plans. Or, for anyone who is a planner and wants an easy to carry item for when it's time to bug out.

After a tornado, hurricane or any other natural disaster, don't find yourself with nothing to eat for you and your family! If you find yourself ever in this situation, you need to rest easy knowing that you are prepared. No one expects things to happen, they just do. Being prepared means having food, water and other supplies to last for at least 72 hours.

When it comes to calories, we got your back. This emergency food kit contains 20 servings averaging 2,000+ calories per day. You won't find that anywhere else.

Click on the food names below to view their nutrition facts.

Homestyle Potato Soup - 4 Servings

Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice - 4 Servings

Maple Grove Oatmeal - 8 Servings

Mac & Cheese - 4 Servings

All of our packages are:

  • Packages are all resealable heavy-duty with a zipper top
  • Easy to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Oxygen absorbers inserted into packaging to extend shelf life
  • No added MSG

*Total water needed to prepare entire kit is 1.4 gallons. This kit weighs 2.6 pounds. Ready Hour foods are proudly packed in the USA.

Ready Hour Emergency Sleeping Bag (1X PC)

Use your own body heat to stay comfortably warm – even in harsh winter weather!

The Ready Hour Emergency Sleeping Bag could save your life one day. It reflects back your own body heat using space-age materials.

It can also double as an emergency waterproof and windproof shelter.

Need a reliable emergency sleeping bag?

Look no further. The Ready Hour Emergency Sleeping Bag is the only one to consider, with all the features you need!

  • Sleeps two - Twin-bed size (90” x 39”)
  • Warms without need for electricity - Heat-reflective (special metallic and polyester fabric)
  • Signals rescuers - Highly visible (shiny)
  • Keeps you warm and dry - Waterproof and wind-resistant (perfect for sheltering or ground cover)
  • It’s highly affordable, too!

You can even slip one inside your regular sleeping bag for added warmth.

When the bitter cold is just too much, this is the emergency bag to have on hand.

Be sure to get enough for everyone in your family or crew.

Ready Hour Glow Sticks (4 count)

They aren't just for kids anymore. These glow sticks can be put on your tent so you can find your way back to it in the dark, used as a distress signal, lighting, communication, and has many other uses.

These 4 packs of green glow sticks can be safely stored away until needed, then pulled out when you want to use them. Taking up very little space, they can be thrown into your hiking bag, camping equipment, car glove box, and even under seats and in small storage containers on your boat.

Each glow stick gives you 10-12 hours of illumination of a soft green glow light and has a mounting hook on each for stationary use. Shelf life: 2 years

Ready Hour Grub N Tool

Just because you crave adventure doesn't mean you have to eat with your hands.

If you regularly go camping, this scenario might sound familiar. You make a packing list, check it twice. Then you unpack your stove and food when you get to camp and realize you forgot utensils.

The Ready Hour Grub 'N' Tool is a lightweight and handy solution for these kinds of situations. Just keep it clipped to your pack and never forget the utensils again!

Less Mess, More Utility

The Grub 'N' Tool includes 5 useful tools in one rugged stainless steel unit. It goes beyond the essential eating utensils - the ones you always forget to bring out in the wild. It also helps you perform light duties around camp.