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Long 300 Blackout Barrels

If you like long-range shooting, a longer barrel is helpful. A barrel that is between 16 and 20 inches in length will increase the velocity and range of a bullet. Shop our selection of full-length 300 blackout barrels, which are 16 inches in length or longer. We offer a variety of options from trusted names such as Ballistic Advantage, ODIN Works, CMMG, Anderson and our own Right To Bear line of products.

Our long 300 blackout barrels are resistant to corrosion, and some products come with a QPQ finish for added protection. QPQ is a special form of case hardening. It is also called Tufftride, Melonite or Tenifer. These barrels are more durable than chrome. While chrome is built up on the surface of the barrel, QPQ covers the surface to reduce buildup. We offer these reliable combat-proven 16” 300 blackout barrels at reduced prices, and select models earn free shipping for your entire cart!