80 Percent Arms Universal 80% AR-15 Easy Jig

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Universal Easy Jig from 80 Percent Arms

A patented device from 80 Percent Arms, the Easy Jig® makes it easier, faster and more efficient to complete your 80 percent lower in almost a third of the time it would take on traditional jigs.

The jig is easier because it features a built-in drill and end-mill depth gauge for the trigger and rear-shelf pockets while a quick depth verification setting eliminates slippage, which can ruin parts.

The jig is faster by reducing the number of drilling passes needed. The trigger pocket can be cut in 6 - 11 passes as opposed to 25 passes with a drill press. Router cuts are almost made 5 - 6 times faster than traditional jigs.

The jig is safer on your parts because the end-mill downward force can't separate the press taper chuck, and it's more efficient to move the router by hand rather than moving the jig.

The Easy Jig® is a tank of a piece of equipment, weighing over 8 lbs and featuring Type III hard anodized components for wear resistance. If you need a jig capable of handling the wear and tear of finishing an 80 percent lower, you can't do better than the Easy Jig® from 80 Percent Arms. Pick up the matching drill bit tool kit, review some of the jig's specifications and shop at RightToBear.com for the best selection, best prices and best promotions on 80 percent lower parts and tools.

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