7" KeyMod Handguard

Get a firm forward grip on your AR with one of our 7-inch KeyMod handguards. These handguards offer protection against the hottest barrels without compromising stability and strength. The 7" KeyMod handguards in our selection come from multiple manufacturers, offering you options for style and purpose. Your handguard is a practical addition, but it also offers the opportunity to customize the look of your personal rifle. When selecting a 7-inch free-float KeyMod handguard, weight and durability are definite characteristics to look for, so check out our assortment of 7 KeyMod free-float handguards. Here at Right 2 Bear, we take quality and usability very seriously. That's why we only source our inventory from the finest manufacturers. Check out the quality of our full inventory of handguards. Order your 7" KeyMod handguard today!