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Seekins Precision AR-15 Parts

Seekins Precision is known for its impeccable manufacturing quality. It offers uppers, lowers, barrels and many other parts for AR-15s, which makes Seekins AR-15 upgrades some of the most trusted in the industry.

To enhance your grip on your lower receiver and to change between short and standard throw on each side, choose an ambidextrous safety lever. The lever has a special design to promote a firmer grip. These safety levers come in a variety of colors. If you need a new magazine release button or are unhappy with the factory button, a Seekins Precision button boasts a more comfortable and useful design.

If you want a tighter barrel in a black finish, we sell a variety of sizes that are made from stainless steel. We also sell flash hiders and muzzle brakes. Since some people confuse these two parts, keep in mind that they have different functions. The muzzle brake's main benefit is to reduce the recoil impact on your shoulder, and the flash hider's purpose is to eliminate the gas emission from the end of the barrel when you fire. Rest assured that all parts from Seekins Precision are made in America.