We are overhauling the interface and menus of our website. As a customer, your perspective can help us focus our efforts on what matters most. We want to know how our website stacks up against the competition. These are examples of the feedback we are looking for:

  • ·How do you feel about our category and store page layouts?
  • ·What products would you like us to carry?
  • ·Does our menu give you issues? How?
  • ·How does our site function on mobile?
  • ·Do the product photos accurately represent the purchase?
  • ·What are some other websites that are easier to navigate than ours that you wish we would take notes from?

We don’t want you to hold any punches, if you feel like something sucks, please tell us. We are not looking for only positive feedback, we want the harsh truth.  We appreciate you as a valued customer and want to make your shopping experience with us as smooth as possible.

The winners will be chosen on 10/06/22 based on who provides the most constructive criticisms.