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KNS Precision Parts

If you notice that your pins start walking when you fire your AR-15, you can benefit from installing new trigger and hammer pins. Walking pins are a hassle to deal with, and a distracting clicking sound often accompanies them. However, walking pins lead to wear on your AR-15's lower receiver over time. They also lead to seizing during full-auto fire. Repetitive movements make the pinholes increase in size over time, which is commonly called egg-holing. With our pin sets, you can prevent such costly problems for a small price. Our products have anti-creep retainers to keep the pins in place.

Our trigger and hammer pins come in complete sets and are easy to install. You will not need to modify your rifle, and you will not need to fit these parts. Always ensure that your rifle is empty before you install new pins. Our pin sets come from KNS Precision Parts, which is known for its reliable high-quality rifle parts. We sell this company's pin kits since we always want to ensure that our customers receive durable parts that fit perfectly. KNS Precision Parts has been in business since 1999, and its parts are manufactured in the United States. We offer affordable pricing on KNS anti-rotation pins, trigger pins and anti-walk pins, including the Mod 1, Mod 2 and Mod ST non-rotating pin kits in varying color options. Geissele trigger pin kits are also available.