Red Dot Optics & Sights

Red dot sights for rifles allow for fast, accurate acquisition of your targets. It's an easy-to-use sighting system for any level of proficiency. A red dot scope sets a red dot on the target to make it easy for the operator to make an accurate shot.

Selecting the right red dot optics for your rifle or pistol ensures precision each time. The choice of optic depends on range and dot configuration. Most red dot scopes are most useful at shorter shooting ranges, usually under 300 yards. However, some optics are built for twice that distance or more. The dot configuration and size is an important feature to consider. Most red dots for rifles are 1 to 4 minutes of angle (MOA), which provides a sharp target without obscuring it. Check out our full inventory of red dot sights here at Right 2 Bear, and put your order in today!