AR-15 Iron Sights

Whether you use AR-15 fixed iron sights as your primary form of target acquisition or you simply need a set of backup iron sights in case something unthinkable happens to your favorite optics, Right to Bear has the sights you need. Our inventory includes just about anything you could want in AR-15 iron sights, from individually packaged MagPul MBUS Gen 2 AR 15 Flip-Up Front and Rear Sights in FDE to the Ultradyne C4 Dynamount front sight, rear sight and compensator system combo that touches all the bases for you at once. Choose from a stationary component such as the Daniel Defense Rail Mounted Fixed Sight or an AR-15 folding front sight like the M4 style Troy Folding Battle Sight. Our selection of iron sight sets includes everything from 45-degree offset MagPul sight sets that make excellent BUIS to Ultradyne AR-15 Flip-Up iron sight sets that feature an easy-to-engage AR-15 Folding front sight. Whatever makes your day, Right to Bear has it.