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Bolt Action Rifles

RTB carries a wide-variety of bolt action rifles. These rifles come in all different shapes, sizes, and brands. These include the more popular Ruger and Remington models, along with more niche models such as: Benelli, Savage, Howa, Bergara, Christensen, and more. Bolt action rifles boast extremely tight tolerances and ultra fast reload times making them invaluable. They can also achieve sub-MOA levels of accuracy better than any other platform. Bolt actions accomplish this by minimizing the moving parts and focusing on stability improving features such as bi-pods, optic mounts, and free float barrels.

They come in various calibers for multiple applications. Hunting, target practice, training, plinking, and competition shooting are a few reasons to use a bolt action rifle. They are also available in rimfire and centerfire types for those who prefer alternative ammunitions. Check out Right To Bears selection of bolt action rifles today.